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Kimberly Scopano

Kimberly has studied under concert pianists, Wells Gemberling, Dr. Samuel Wellman, and David Ehrman. She has her Bachelor’s degree in education and has served as both classroom teacher and administrator. She has performed both locally and nationally and has won various piano competitions. Before starting her own piano studio, Ms. (Biller) Scopano was Director of Education for Sylvan Learning Systems.

Currently, she offers both private and group piano lessons for students, including adults. She also teaches a comprehensive music class for children ages 4-6; where students learn piano, singing, dance/movement, rhythm, and ear training. Music camps are offered during the summer for children ages 4-9; another camp is offered for private piano students. Ms. Scopano has been teaching privately for the past eight years and actively serves as Vice President of the York Music Teacher’s Association. To learn more about Kimberly's Piano Studio, visit